Kitchen Renovation Ideas to Consider

If your kitchen hasn't been updated for many years, it probably has many aspects that can be improved. Here are several ideas to consider.


Kitchen storage options are much more efficient and convenient than previously. Standard bottom cupboards with two shelves create dead air and wasted space. Plus, they make it hard to reach into the back and find items as the bottom shelf is close to ground level.

Drawers are better, as they come in various depths to hold different sized items. A shallow drawer can hold mugs, and a deep one can contain pots and pans. Because drawers use space more efficiently than cupboards, you'll need less storage overall.

Additionally, drawers are easier to access. You can look down at all the contents once you pull a drawer out. You'll have a birds-eye view rather than trying to peek horizontally into a dark cupboard.


There's no need to rely on one overly bright ceiling light to cover the entire kitchen. Doing so can cause shadows on the benchtop if you stand between it and the light source. A better approach is to think of lighting in terms of layers.

Recessed ceiling lights can serve as ambient lighting, allowing you to generally see what you're doing. Task lighting can serve specific purposes. For example, under-cabinet lights illuminate the benchtop, making food preparation easier. LED globes are energy efficient and come in different shades, including natural daylight tones that flatter the appearance of food.

Lighting is also decorative, especially in the form of attractive pendant lights that hang in prominent positions. You could install several pendant lights in a row or fit one big, impressive light, such as a chandelier. These need to be high enough to not get in the way and be of an appropriate brightness.

Open Plans

Many older house styles have kitchens closed off from the living areas. You might like the peace of having the kitchen to yourself. But if you don't and you feel cut off, you might be able to open up the area by pulling down some non-load-bearing walls.

Another option to consider during kitchen renovations is an old-world servery window leading to a dining or living area. Not only are these quaint, but they may be an easier solution than tearing down an entire wall. Such servery windows are also popular for connecting the kitchen to an outdoor patio area.

Contact a kitchen renovations company for more information. 

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