3 Ways of Upgrading a Security Screen Door

The monetary and sentimental value of your belongings is more than the cost of installing a security screen door on your front and back entryways. Therefore, you should hire a contractor because the quality results are worth it. However, do you know that you can upgrade your security screen doors for enhanced protection? Some homeowners are not aware of the option, although upgrading a security door is cheaper than replacing it. This article highlights three ways of upgrading a security screen door.

Add a Pneumatic Closer 

Imagine relaxing at home on the weekend with kids running in and out of the house. The chances are high that you will find the front security screen door ajar occasionally. It is an all-too-familiar scenario for homeowners with young children at home. You can ask your children to push or pull a security screen door behind them every time they go out or come in. However, they are likely to forget the directives from time to time. It is the reason a pneumatic closer is considered one of the best upgrades for a security screen door because it ensures that the door stays shut at all times. The best part is that pneumatic closers are inexpensive, and installation only takes a few hours.

Install Mail Slot Hood 

Some screen door manufacturers add a mail slot so that a mailperson does not have to leave your deliveries out on your porch where they can be blown away or stolen. However, mail slots are a security blind spot because burglars can use a wire to reach out for keys left in a lock or on an entryway table. Luckily, you can deter intruders by installing a mail slot hood on a security screen door. A mail slot hood covers the top section of the opening, preventing burglars from reaching for your keys. A mail slot hood is an exceptionally essential upgrade for homeowners with a habit of leaving their keys in a lock.

Doorbell With an In-Built Camera 

As the first line of defence, burglars must pass a security screen door to reach the front door. However, what do you do if you want to know who is at your front door without opening it? While you can install security cameras, you might want to go with a doorbell with an in-built camera. The 2-in-1 solution is an affordable alternative to a security screen door upgrade. It is also discreet since burglars will not notice you are watching them until you speak through a speaker.

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