Benefits of Using Plywood in Your Home Renovation

If you're renovating your home, you might have timber joinery work done to custom build cabinetry, bookcases, or a staircase. That way, you're home won't be a carbon copy of somebody else's, but it will have a unique look. And you'll be able to enjoy the beautiful warmth and naturalness of wood indoors. You might come across different terms when looking at timber renovation options, and it can be helpful to be familiar with the possibilities. One word you may come across is plywood. To learn more about the benefits of this wood product, read on.

Strength in All Directions

A piece of plywood is strong in all directions, so if you construct plywood cupboards and doors, for example, they'll be tough and durable. Plywood's consistent strength arises from its construction. A piece of solid timber is stronger along the grain than across the grain so it can tend to split and break along the grain line. Plywood consists of multiple thin veneers of timber that are glued together. Each alternate wood layer in the sandwich is placed at right angles to the previous one so that the grains criss-cross. This balances out the plywood's overall strength as the weakness across the grain of each veneer is balanced by the adjoining layers. Because plywood is strong in all directions, it's less brittle and likely to break even when it's nailed or screwed close to the edge.

Less Prone to Swelling and Shrinking

This same structure makes plywood more stable and less prone to shrinking and swelling than solid wood, which is susceptible to moist environments and temperature changes. Timber tends to shrink or swell across the grain rather than along it. Thus each veneer slice within the plywood will stabilise the layers on either side. If you're wondering how plywood will fare as bathroom vanity cupboards, for example, then you can be assured that it will typically handle conditions better than solid timber.

Shows the Beauty of Timber

Another thing you may question is whether plywood looks like natural timber? Plywood is typically covered on its exterior in another material, and this can be a beautiful piece of hardwood veneer. Thus, you can enjoy the beauty of wood in your home, but your furniture and cabinetry will be more stable. Typically, exceptionally gorgeous veneers go on the top layer, allowing you to enjoy woods that may be too expensive or in short supply were they solid timber pieces.

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