Commercial Sunshade Materials Explained to Help You Make the Right Choice

Shopping for sunshade materials is not a walk in the park. Those doing it for the first time might be overwhelmed by the high standards that their materials need to meet. Gladly, having some information on the materials can help you walk into this jungle with lots of confidence. The range of options available in the market also helps with decision making because you can always find a material that suits your specific sunshade needs. The following discussion compares the different materials available for commercial sunshades. It has everything you need to make the right call:

Fabric Sunshades

You can't talk about commercial shades without mentioning fabric. Fabrics have attributes like being flexible and lightweight, besides being the only materials that can shield you from sunlight while letting in natural light. Their appealing look makes them ideal for covering patios and creating outdoor shades for restaurants, lodges and other facilities. Your choice of materials here includes:

  • Knitted mesh densely knitted fabrics meshes offer excellent ultra-violet radiation factor ratings, meaning that they are good at resisting the effects of harmful sun rays. They do this while allowing air to circulate in the space beneath them, making the area cool and ambient for occupation.
  • Shade cloth — shade cloths are a unique type of fabric with an open weave. The open weave allows heat to escape from below to keep the space cool. Simultaneously, cool breezes can travel into the shielded area through the open weave.
  • Woven fabricwoven fabric is another great choice for commercial sunshades. You can choose from dense cotton to light nylons, depending on how much shade you need. Pricey options like fibreglass and polyethylene fabrics will cost a little more but return the favour by outlasting their cheaper counterparts.

Wood Sunshades

Wood is a versatile material capable of providing the best sunshades in the game. It has excellent finishes and shapes that appeal to the eye while meeting the user's functional need for shade. Mahogany is durable and offers the best natural option to treated softwoods. When coated with good quality varnish, mahogany will stand up to UV rays for a long time. Your next best alternatives are pines and cedars.

Metal Sunshades

If your focus is on durability and strength, metal sunshades are the way to go. Such a functional need could be a priority in areas that experience strong winds and humid conditions. Galvanised steel and aluminium sunshades are the best options here. You can also powder coat them for added protection.

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