Why Install a Home Water Filter?

In terms of interior design aesthetics, there a plenty of benefits to home water filters. In places where there is calcium in the mains water supply, for example, there can be all sorts of issues with your fixtures and fittings. These will end up with unsightly deposits of limescale that don't just look bad, but they prevent the water flowing where you want it, as well. Bathroom taps, over-sink water outlets and even shower rails can all get furred up with this unwanted mineral. Sometimes, beautiful bathrooms, en-suites and kitchens can be ruined after only a few years if the water is not filtered. However, this is not the only good reason to consider having a water filter fitted. What are some of the others?

Health and Taste

If you value water in your home, then you should be able to enjoy it with the right sort of taste and feel safe in the knowledge that it is not doing you any harm. Drawing unfiltered water from the tap does not always instil confidence in this regard, especially when the water looks murky in a glass before it settles. When home water filters are fitted, however, all of the water supply will be clearer and healthier. You will notice the difference when you drink the water but also in how you feel. Many people experience a detoxifying effect which makes them feel more energetic, especially if they have suffered from skin hydration problems in the past.

Improved Plumbing

Remember that it is not just your home's plumbing fittings that suffer from deposits left behind from the water supply. Your home's drinking water pipes and the pipework that is connected to the central heating system may also see a build-up of calcium inside them if the water is not filtered. As a result, they can gradually close up, thereby stemming the flow of water — which is not what you want when taking a power shower, of course. If left unchecked, this issue can affect the pressure level of the whole plumbing system, leading to a burst pipe or a leaking joint, both of which could potentially ruin your home.

Better For the Environment

Drinking bottled water is bad for the environment, especially when it is supplied in plastic bottles. On the other hand, home water filters provide all of the drinking water you might want, without the cost of transporting it around or disposing of the container it came in. Typical plastic bottles take hundreds of years to decompose, so why continue to buy them when you could get filtered water at home?

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