Two Tips for Creating the Perfect Study Room in Your Home

If you're enrolled in any type of course that requires you to study on a regular basis, then you should ensure that you have a perfectly designed study room in your home. Here are some suggestions if you're planning to create a room like this.

Ensure the room's lighting is conducive to studying

When setting up study rooms, interior designers tend to put a strong emphasis on lighting, and with good reason; not only can thoughtfully chosen lighting make it easier for people to see their notes and textbooks more clearly, but it can also help to put individuals in a good mindset that will motivate them to focus. For example, you must ensure that you have at least one desk light that illuminates your books, notes or laptop to such a degree that you do not have to squint or strain your eyes in order to read the text on these items. This is especially important if you study for hours at a time, as a dim desk light (or no desk light at all) may result in you suffering from eye strain (i.e., getting headaches or having blurred vision and dry eyes).

It is also essential to use lighting in the study room that will set the right mood; for example, you must ensure the room is not unattractively, starkly lit (with, for example, a single bare light bulb), as this may give it a gloomy look that may leave you feeling de-motivated and a bit down when you're in it. Using ambient lights is a great way to counteract a room's gloominess, as they can serve as a soft and inviting form of illumination.

However, when setting up a study room, you should ensure that your ambient lights are not too soft, as this might create an overly soothing atmosphere that may actually make you feel so relaxed that you want to nap or lounge around, rather than study. Keeping a few table lamps that have bright bulbs whose light is softened slightly by semi-transparent lampshades in the room's dark corners should help to make the room look cosy without making you feel sleepy.

Invest in a well-made study desk

A lot of people who set up study rooms end up moving one of their old dining or kitchen tables into these rooms and using this furniture as a type of pseudo desk, instead of buying an actual study desk. However, any interior designer worth their salt will tell you that a well-made desk, designed specifically for use by those who study for long periods of time, is one of the most vital pieces of furniture for this type of room.

When buying this item, consider your personality and how you study. If you are messy and tend to fill any free space around you with clutter but then find that the sight of this clutter leaves you overwhelmed and struggling to focus, then you must not use a normal table that will quickly end up covered in mess; instead, opt for a study desk that helps you to maintain an organised study space.

You might, for example, want to get a desk that has a hole in it for corded gadgets (like your PC, printer, etc.) so that you can use your devices whilst studying without having to work on a desk covered in tangled cables. Likewise, you might want to get a desk that comes with several drawers that you can use to stow specific types of stationery after you're done using them, instead of having to keep items strewn across the desk's surface because there's nowhere else to put them.

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