Three Things to Consider When Choosing Blinds

If you are redecorating your home, then you will have probably spent a lot of time considering which colours and styles you want to be represented in each room. Once you have selected a general style for each room, then you will need to pick out pieces of furniture that will be practical but which will blend seamlessly into your chosen style. One type of furnishing that you can't afford to neglect is your blinds or shades. Blinds are great for providing vital privacy for your home while adding style and elegance to any room. While the advantages of fitting blinds in your home may be obvious, it still isn't always easy to select exactly the right blinds for your room. Here are three things that you must consider when choosing the perfect blinds for each room.

Do you need blinds or shades?

Blinds are created from metal, wood or a wood-like composite while shades are fabric in nature and intended to bring a softer feel to any room. Each has its place, but for most rooms, blinds will be the better choice since they are simpler to adjust. Blinds can be tilted to vary the amount of light entering the room while blinds can only be up or down. If you choose shades made from a heavier material, then when they are down they will block most natural light, creating an environment that may be too dark to work in comfortably.

What ambience do you want?

Blinds can be adjusted to alter the amount of light entering a room, but that isn't all that they can do. By selecting the material and style of your blind, you can change the whole feel of your room. You might select painted wood or perhaps a light or dark polished wood. You could pick anything from rich, dark, walnut-coloured blinds to a shade that is almost white. If your room will be decorated in earthy or neutral colours, then look for blinds in subtle hues. If you want to create a more dramatic impression, then bolder colours for your blinds or shades would be a great choice.

Is the room small?

If you are choosing blinds for a small room, then why not consider fitting blinds with wide horizontal slats? Wide slats will create the impression of the windows being larger and of there being more space in even the smallest of rooms.

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