Where To Use Panel Glide Blinds And Their Benefits

Whether you are settling into a new home or looking to renovate, you may want to consider what's trending on the interior design front. Panel glides are definitely trending, and they are just the thing to give your home a modern and sophisticated look.

Have panel glide blinds fitted for best use in the following ways:

1. For Your Home Theatre

Investing in a home theatre takes out the hassle of going out to the movies. Fitting panel glide blinds is an excellent idea for finishing off your home theatre, as you will need that room to be nice and dark. A complete blackout fabric is the perfect choice for your panel glide blinds. The fabric will block out the natural light for a great movie date.

2. As a Temporary Room Divider

When it comes to separating rooms or spaces, panel glides are more preferred to walls, which are not only permanent but also tend to make small areas look even smaller.

Panel glides are easy and quite inexpensive to install and provide a temporary and modern solution. They are perfect for when you want to create separate spaces in your bedroom, perhaps for a home office, or to separate the kids' rooms so each has their own space.  

3. For Your Sliding Doors Doors

Bi-fold doors and sliding doors are a common feature in today's homes. Fitted panel glide blinds on your doors will help you regulate the amount of external light entering the room and enable you to maintain privacy.

You also have the option of matching them with any other blind of your choice, such as Roman blinds or roller blinds, to get a more chic look. Other than that, you will still have an uninterrupted view of the outside.

4. For Your Larger Windows

Panel glide blinds are best suited for covering large surfaces of glass, such as your larger windows. They are an excellent alternative to vertical blinds as they provide better privacy and better regulate light entering the room through your windows. With a wand control, you will be able to effortlessly open and close your panel glide blinds.

Don't shy away from having your panel glide blinds custom-made to your specifications to attain a more personalised look. You can also always seek help from professionals when it comes to selecting blinds for your home and deciding whether panel glide blinds are best or not.

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