3 Reasons to Install Motorised Shutters

When you install shutters in your home, you chose between products that operate manually or ones that have a motorised system. While you may not think that adding a motor is necessary, this is a good feature to have. What are the benefits?

1. Control at the Touch of a Button

Opening shutters by hand takes time and effort. You have to use the winder to raise or lower a shutter whenever you want to change its position. If you have multiple shutters in your home, this takes longer than you might think. You have to deal with each one individually.

A motor automates the process. You simply press the shutter's button to put it up or down. In some cases this button sits by the shutter. In others, you get a remote control. If you get a remote control, you can often put all your shutters on it, which makes things even easier for you.

2. Weather Control Compatibility

If you manually operate shutters, then you have to be on the spot to open or close them. This isn't always going to be possible; you also miss out on opportunities to use the shutters effectively.

For example, if you aren't at home and leave your shutters open, then you might lose control over internal environmental conditions. If it gets really sunny outside, the sun will beat down on your windows, making your house too hot inside. If you'd been at home, you'd have closed the shutters to keep your house cool. You weren't there, so you couldn't do this.

Motorised products can hook up to automated weather sensors. For example, you could install a heat sensor in your system. If things get too hot outside, the sensor can tell the motor to close its shutter. Once the temperature drops, it can open up again.

3. Smart Home Automation Options

If you've set up a smart home automation system, then opening your shutters by hand may seem a little old-fashioned. After all, you now use automation to control lots of other things in your home.

If you install compatible motorised shutters, then you can add them to your automation hub. This allows you to control the shutters from your central remote or app. If you use an app-based system, then you can even open and close them when you're not at home.

For more information on motorised shutters, contact blinds and shutter suppliers.

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