Four Reasons to Use Ceramic Home Water Filters

While all water filters aim to improve water quality, they don't all use the same materials and technology. It's important to choose the right system to get the best results here.

Ceramic filters are a sound bet. They give you a range of benefits. What are they?

1. You Harness a Natural Material

Some people like to use a ceramic water filter because they get to use a naturally-occurring material. This material is easy to source; you also don't need to worry about putting harmful substances, like chemicals, in contact with your water.

Ceramic filters work one way. They remove bad things from your water supply, but they don't put anything back into it.

2. You Get an Efficient Filtration Material

Ceramic is good at trapping small particles. This material contains tiny pores and a rugged uneven internal structure that prevents particulates such as bacteria and some microbes from passing through it.

If something does manage to pass through the filter initially, it usually can't get much further. The ceramic's internal pores are likely to catch it and filter it out of your water at some point.

While ceramic filters are good at trapping some things, they don't tend to work on chemicals. So, for example, ceramic won't deal with things like chlorine. However, these filters often include other materials, such as carbon or silver, to deal with these substances, giving you an all-in-one solution.

3. You Leave Fluoride in Place

Some water filters strip everything out of water. This often includes fluoride. The fluoride you get from your taps is important as it helps keep your teeth in good health. So, you may worry about taking this out.

Ceramic filters usually leave fluoride in place. So, you won't have to worry about losing this protection.

4. You Can Clean Ceramic Filters

While no water filter material lasts forever, you might get more life out of a ceramic filter. As filters do their work, they start to lose some of their efficiency until they reach the point where you need to replace them. You can't usually do much about this.

You can, however, clean ceramic filters during their natural life. This makes them work more efficiently at all stages of their life-cycle. They also last longer if they are kept in good condition.

If you're interested in using a ceramic water filter, either as a stand-alone or integral system, then ask home water filters suppliers for advice on your options.

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